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Metal Ventilator Eyelets (Mesh Eyelets)

Ventilator eyelets (AKA mesh eyelets) are used to allow air flow in automotive and aviation applications and products such as mattresses, upholstery, car and airplane seats, sportswear, jackets, raincoats and other weatherproof clothing, footwear, sneakers and hats.

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Waterproof Ventilator Eyelets

A perforated metal cap results in a mooth air flow. Because of surface tension in the round holes, water is not able to penetrate the ventilator. restricts any water flow through the ventilator.

939 mesh eyelet
939 ventilator eyelet
7224 mesh eyelet
7224 ventilator eyelet
7222 mesh eyelet
7222 ventilator eyelet
918 ventilator
918 ventilator eyelet
7226 mesh eyelet
7226 ventilator eyelet
Mesh eyelets

The cap contains a wire mesh screen, which results in excellent ventilation.

7228 mesh eyelet
7228 ventilator eyelet
7278 mesh eyelet
7278 ventilator eyelet
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