Cap and Hat Ventilation Grommets

The items shown in the images below are general examples; please click any image to see additional options and to search our inventory for your specifications. We also have a good selection of hat buckles.

We can also provide rapid prototyping and production for whatever custom requirements you have, in any
color (hover here), finish, or metal.

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hat ventilation grommets
Hat Ventilation Grommets

We offer a large variety of durable metal eyelets and grommets that are perfect for hat and cap ventilation, including round and oval shapes.

Click the image at the left to search our inventory, where you can see specific ID, LUF (Length Under Flange), and the dimensions of the barrel.

Hat or Cap ventilation grommets
Hat Ventilators

We offer two styles of mesh ventilators:

Waterproof ventilation: These ventilators have a solid metal perforated cap. The surface tension across the holes prevents water from entering. Air can pass through smoothly for great action.

Mesh ventilation: The cap is composed of mesh, which offers superior ventilation but which is not waterproof.