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Metal Swivel Snap Hooks

Rome Fastener offers metal Swivel Snap Hooks in a wide variety of styles, finishes, and metals.

We have swivel options in the following categories: Bolt Snap Hooks, Trigger Snap Hooks, and Push Gate Hooks.

The eye and the loop are connected in a way that allows 360 degree rotation. This allows the greatest range of motion between the strap and whatever it is fastened to.

Also known as "swivel eye snap hooks" and "swivel clips", swivel snap hooks are appropriate for dog leashes, key chains, flag lanyards, and other applications where independent rotation is important.

Following is just a small sampling of what we have available. Click this button to search our entire snap hook inventory.
Hover over an image below to see the strap width and height.

7231 swivel hook
7231 snap hook
1551 swivel hook
1551 snap hook
1451-40 swivel hook
1451-40 snap hook
7158 swivel hook
7158 snap hook
7156 swivel hook
7156 snap hook
7129 swivel hook
7129 snap hook
1548 swivel hook
1548 snap hook
1495 swivel hook
1495 snap hook
7233 swivel hook
7233 snap hook
7189 swivel hook
7189 snap hook
7188 swivel hook
7188 snap hook
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